Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you restore my missing teeth?

A: There are several ways to replace missing teeth. Our clinic uses dentures, bridges or implants to restore your smile. Schedule an appointment with Bloor Dental Clinic to receive a personalized consultation regarding the best way to replace you missing teeth.

Q: Why do I grind my teeth? Is there a way to stop?

A: People grind their teeth for many reasons, sometimes due to physical or emotional distress. Grinding your teeth can have several negative consequences, including headaches and severe tooth damage. A custom-fit mouth guard from Bloor Dental Clinic can help relieve the issues brought on by heavy tooth grinding.

Q: My teeth are crooked. Is there a solution?

A: Trust Bloor Dental Clinic to remedy crooked teeth using veneers and cosmetic bonding. These solutions cannot improve your bite and are not ideal for every patient. Orthodontic treatments may be necessary to fully correct your crooked teeth. No matter your specific dental needs, contact Bloor Dental Clinic today to restore your smile!

Q: I find my teeth are growing sensitive to temperature. Is there a way to stop this?

A: Absolutely. The problem may be due to exposed dentin caused by chipped teeth, injury from tooth grinding, or receding gums. Bloor Dental Clinic recommends using a soft bristle toothbrush to prevent any gum irritation. You can also find toothpaste specially designed for people who suffer from sensitive teeth.

Q: How can I stop gum disease and tooth decay?

A: Establishing and following a healthy dental care routine is paramount. Bloor Dental Clinic in Toronto recommends brushing at least twice a day using a Canadian Dental Association (CDA) approved toothbrush, and toothpaste as well as flossing once per day.

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