Teeth Whitening Toronto

Teeth Whitening Toronto

A clean, white, and shining smile can boost our confidence and gain others’ admiration more than anything else. We want you to stand out and make that positive first impression. By offering you a wide variety of dental treatments, Bloor Dental Clinic promotes confidence, health, and more reasons to smile.

For that purpose, teeth whitening in Toronto is one of those dental services that can never be underestimated. That’s because there are some factors causing tooth discolouration or tooth stains, many of which will necessitate additional dental services as well. And, while some of these factors are linked to our decisions and habits, others are completely out of our control.

Common causes of stained teeth:

– Smoking on a regular basis

– Consuming wine, cola, coffee, tea or any other coloured drinks that may stain teeth in the long run

– The use of mouthwash containing chlorhexidine (which has potent antibacterial properties) in tandem with drinking red wine, coffee or other coloured drinks, causing the compounds present in the mouthwash to bind to the tannins present in the liquids

– Certain foods like intensely coloured sauces, sweets, and even berries

Sure, you can avoid teeth stains for a while, but, eventually, you will run out of options, and professional assistance may be required to regain that white, natural smile you’ve lost and wanted back.

The benefits of having whiter teeth

Teeth whitening in Toronto consists of a wide range of procedures, adapted to your needs, as well as your particular situation. Depending on the causes that have led to teeth discolouration, specific teeth whitening techniques may be applied. Some of the many benefits of a brighter, healthier smile are:

1. Better oral hygiene

Regardless of the cause of the tooth discolouration, professional oral cleansing will always precede the teeth whitening procedure. Especially in the case of yellowing being caused by bacteria formation and plaque, thorough occupational hygiene is the first step in preparing for the removal of discolouration and stains.

2. Boosted self-confidence

Apparently, lifting someone’s spirit is as comfortable as creating a whiter, cleaner smile. People with whiter teeth tend to be more confident and socially pleasant and show greater initiative when it comes to initiating the first contact with other people.

3. Increased attractiveness

A study published in 2016 showed that whiter teeth are associated unconsciously with the idea of youth and health, as compared to the yellowish, crooked ones, which suggest old age or illness. Furthermore, studies conducted over time have shown that, for most people, a healthy smile is significant when choosing their romantic partner.

As it can be seen, teeth whitening in Toronto stands for more than a better aesthetic appearance. We, at Bloor Dental Clinic, aim to help people gain more confidence, become more sociable and dare to step into the spotlight whenever the chance arrives. And it all starts with a beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening Toronto
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