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Did you know that poor oral hygiene can cause mouth cancer? This is just one of the numerous problems that may occur due to the lack of proper dental hygiene, but there are others, not quite as severe which, despite that, can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain. And, they too can lead to more severe conditions. Here, at Bloor Dental Clinic, we take no dental concerns for granted, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

Every Toronto dental clinic deals with a wide array of dental problems, some of which have already reached advanced stages, because they have never been treated or treated poorly in the past. What’s worse is that many of these problems have advanced so much that they have caused other issues to occur, of an entirely different nature. And, in truth, this is the danger of not sticking to a regular, thorough oral hygiene: teeth problems evolving out of control and causing others, sometimes with far more significant repercussions.

Some of the most compelling examples include:

1. Plaque formation and bacterial growth causing bad breath and infections

All of us experience oral bacterial growth, even with proper brushing and flossing. This is why it is imperative to visit your dentist at least once a year because brushing and flossing will only do so much in this regard. Aside from bad breath (halitosis) and teeth discolouration, plaque will also increase the potential for gum infections, which can lead to heart disease.

2. Cavities leading to tooth decay and teeth falling out

As a Toronto dental clinic, we regularly treat patients with cavities. Decomposing food remains within the mouth and causes an acidic environment which can severely damage the teeth’s enamel. Allow them to advance long enough, and the tooth might reach the point-of-no-return when extraction is the only thing left to do.

3. Teeth loss leading to digestive problems and lower self-esteem

Not many people are aware of the psychological effects coming along with some of the dental problems like tooth loss. But they are very much real and long-lasting. When we lose teeth, our facial muscles tend to fall inwards, in time giving the appearance of premature aging. This will severely impact patients at a psychological level, causing them to smile less, feel less confident, and avoid social interactions.

In addition, it has been determined that having poor oral health can lead to unrelated health problems, including cancer, erectile dysfunction, heart disease, stroke, and prostatitis. This is why your Toronto dental clinic promotes oral health as being at the heart of a healthier, happier lifestyle, and treating it as one of the leading preventive measures when it comes to overall long-term well-being.

Here, at Bloor Dental Clinic, we take these principles at their face value and never make compromises when it comes to oral hygiene and preserving dental health. We advise you to do the same.

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