Dentist Toronto

Dentist Toronto


Dentist Toronto Professionals Dr. Balinsky & Dr. Aldor at Bloor Dental Clinic service patients across the GTA at their Bathurst and Bloor location. Through providing quality customer service, and helping keep smiles healthy, it is their passion to ensure every patients satisfied.

What services does Bloor Dental Clinic offer to its Dentist Toronto Patients?

Dentist Toronto Patients come in with a variety of concerns in regards to their oral health. Besides regular checkups, cleanings, and x-rays, Bloor Dental Clinic also provides the following Dentist Toronto Services:

– Composite Fillingsbloorstock2

–¬†Restorative Dentistry

– Crowns

– Bridges

– Complete or Partial Dentures

– Dental Implants

– Teeth Whitening

– Dental Veneers

– Composite Bonding

– Dental Extractions

– Wisdom Teeth Extractions

– Root Canal Treatment

– Mouthguards/Nightguards

– Dental Sealants

– Emergency Dentistry

As Dentist Toronto Professionals, Dr. Balinsky and Dr. Aldor have over 20 years experience in practicing Dentistry, and have grown in Toronto to become one of the top Dental Clinics in the GTA. As their expertise not only encompasses the basic practices of Dentistry such as teeth cleaning as well as x-rays, Bloor Dental Clinic are known for their quality Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry practices.

Is there convenient access to Bloor Dental Clinic?

Absolutely, there is convenient access to the Bathurst & Bloor Subway Station, as well as buses and parking. For parking information, click here. It is important to note that we recommend you arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment in case of transportation delays.

How frequently should a patient come?

Typically, it is recommended that for basic cleanings and check-ups, you come in every 6 months. As other dental health issues may arise, we recommend requesting an appointment to address these issues as quickly as possible. Our Dentist Toronto Services do also encompass Emergency Dentistry services which can be addressed during our regular office hours.

How do you start?

Call us today to book an appointment with one of our Dentist Toronto Professionals, and they will be happy to assist any of your dental needs. Bloor Dental Clinic prides itself for providing high quality customer service to all of its patients year round. Our staff are friendly, and very welcoming right from the beginning!

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