Oral Health & The Mouth-Body Connection You Need To Know About

The Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health in America highlights the importance of oral health and its impact on overall health. The mouth-body connection is one that can’t be denied.

In this blog, we’ll tell you what we know thanks to scientific evidence. You may learn some facts that surprise you!

If you have poor oral health, it may lead to …

  • Cardiovascular disease. Inflammation and infections in the mouth have been tied to heart disease, clogged arteries, and stroke.
  • Low birth weight. Periodontitis (inflammation of the gums and supporting structures) can result in premature birth and low birth weight. Ask us about periodontics in The Annex if you need gum treatment.
  • Endocarditis. This infection of the inner lining of your heart is brought on when bacteria or germs from another part of your body – such as your mouth – travel through the body and latch on to damaged parts of your heart.

And if you have any of the following health conditions, your oral health may suffer …

  • HIV/AIDS. Painful lesions in the mouth are a common problem for people who have either of these conditions.
  • Diabetes. Since diabetes compromises your body’s ability to ward off infection, the gums are more prone to developing gum disease.
  • Alzheimer’s disease. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, a person’s oral hygiene routine often suffers. Therefore, regular mouth checks by your dentist are important. Eventually, assistance is necessary to brush and floss properly.
  • Osteoporosis. Research reveals it may be a cause of jawbone loss.

What can you do to avoid some of the oral health conditions mentioned in this blog?

First, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day and floss once a day. You should also …

  • schedule regular appointments with your dentist in The Annex
  • avoid smoking or using chewing tobacco
  • replace your toothbrush bristles once the bristles are frayed.

Because your mouth is easy for us to access and look at, it provides us an invaluable window to your general health status.

So … be sure to see us regularly so we can ensure you have not only excellent dental health, but with it, a good start towards overall health excellence. Book your next appointment by contacting us today!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Bloor Dental Clinic, general family dentists in The Annex